Relikva is an online platform that allows the public to create personal museums. It also serves as a tool for various cultural institutions to present their collections online and make them accessible to everyone. We want to preserve both personal and collective memory and believe that personal and museum collections can enrich and enhance one another.

Here you can publish relics that you cherish and that represent important memories to save and pass on to future generations. Create your own collections and conduct investigations to find out more about your relics.

Contact us: feedback@relikva.com

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1. Relic

A relic is one photo or a group of photos of an object that you can easily upload, adding descriptive information or memorable stories about it if you want. You can publish relics in ‘public’ or ‘only me’ modes.


2. Collection

You can compile collections of your own relics, as well as those of other users. To create a new collection or add a relic to an already existing one, click on ‘Create collection’ under the selected relic. Collections can be private or public.


3. Investigation

Investigation is a tool that helps you find out more about your relic(s) and ask other users questions about them. To start an investigation, select a relic and open its page. There is an investigation form under the relic description. If you want to participate in an investigation and offer your own feedback, click on the question and fill in the answer form.